Monday, July 6, 2009

Supernatural Texas: A Field Guide by Brian Righi

In his most frightening work to date, author and veteran ghost hunter Brian Righi takes readers to some of the most haunted sites in Texas. Journey through supernatural investigations of these strange tales: the ghost lights of Marfa, the phantom herds of the Stampede Mesa, and the ghosts of dead sailors aboard the USS Lexington. Encounter spectral gunslingers looking for a fight in Fort Worth, ancient frontier forts still guarded by the dead in San Antonio, and old manor houses haunted by their pasts in Dallas. Whether an avid ghost hunter or just someone looking to spruce up travel plans with a night's stay in a haunted bed and breakfast, this book promises thrills and chills you won't soon forget.

Supernatural Texas: A Field Guide

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Brian Righi

Brian Righi has been interested in psychic phenomena since he was a child. The author of three books on Texas ghosts and hauntings, he is a member of the Dallas/Fort Worth Ghost Hunters and a tour guide to haunted locations in Fort Worth. is coming soon!